FREE Shuttle and Valet Services

Contact Us to find out more about our FREE Shuttle and Valet services for customers who utilize our auto service repair shop!

Some restrictions apply. Depending on the location/address of the customer and the availability of our drivers, we can pick up your vehicle and drop it off when we are done! Call us to find out if our Shuttle or Valet Services can help you!
free valet and shuttle services auto repair shop tampa

Valet Services

Use our contact-free Valet service for convenience and your peace of mind during this pandemic. We will pick up your vehicle at your home or job, and drop it off when we are done! We use protective equipment to reduce contamination.*

Shuttle Services

When you are done checking in your vehicle at our Auto Parts and Service Center, we will drop you off at home or at your job! When your vehicle is finished, we can come pick you up where ever you are!*


Our contact-free valet services help you reduce contact during this pandemic! We wear masks and protective covers on your seats and steering wheels! Our shuttle drivers wear masks and our vehicles are sanitized!


Cut your wait time by more than half by utilizing our Shuttle or Valet services! We pick up the car for you or drop you off after you check in! No need to wait in the waiting room! Reduce/Remove all contact!


As long as you're within a fair proximity of our dealership and we have available drivers, the service is 100% FREE for our service customers!

*Some Restrictions Apply. Please Call Us for details and availability*

Our drivers wear masks and the shuttle vehicle is sanitized. Protective barriers are used in your vehicle for Valet Services (seat and steering wheel covers).

Want to COMPLETELY sanitize your vehicle? Check out our Sanitation Services for more information!