Tires and Wheels

New Tires = Safe Tires

Are your tires getting low, bald, or are punctured? Did you drive over a nail, hit too many pot holes or are they just starting to naturally wear down? At every service, we monitor your tire tread levels so you never have an issue with performance or safety.
Stay on the road with new tires!

We Carry Most Tire Brands

We have most tire brands available! Tires for every budget, from economy tires to the best performance tires possible. Call us if you are wanting a specific brand, if we do not have it in stock, we can always get it!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

When you Buy 3 Tires from us, you get 1 FREE! On top of that, when you buy 3 tires (and receive 4), you also receive $20 OFF your alignment as well.

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We Know Tires

What to Avoid
What to Prevent
What to Look For

When Do I Know When to Replace My Tires?

  1. Low Tread
    (See the pics on the right)
  2. Tires with "Cupping"
  3. Punctured Tire

What is Cupping and Why is it Bad?

  1. Can cause a fatal accident
  2. Uneven/Erratic tire wear.
  3. Looks like "scoops" of tread are missing 

Why Does Cupping Happen?

  1. Unbalanced Tires
  2. Misaligned Tires
  3. Worn Suspension and Shocks
  4. Cheap Tires

What are Signs of Cupping?

  1. Vibrating and Shaking
  2. Tire Noise
  3. Veering Vehicle
  4. Visual Signs on Tires
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