Maintenance Services

Invest a Little Now to Avoid Paying Thousands Later.

Do Not Void Your Warranty

Customers are not aware that they risk voiding their warranty by not investing in regularly scheduled maintenance. If you check your manufacturer's manual and warranty information, you will notice that there are stipulations for keeping and using your warranty.

If you miss necessary maintenance or do them yourself, you will not be able to use your warranty for a major repair or issue. The manufacturer will request proof that you performed the necessary maintenance.
At our Auto Parts and Service Center, we keep all your service records on file. If/When you need to redeem your warranty for major repairs or issues with you vehicle, you will have to furnish proof/service records. Without proof, your manufacturer reserves the right to deny your warranty claim. That is because they cannot guarantee the longevity of their vehicle, engine or transmission if you aren't doing your job to maintain the vehicle's health as stipulated in your manual.

Don't have your manual? Thats OK! We will help you make sure you are always performing the necessary maintenance, no matter what brand or model you have. You can call us and we can always help advise you! You can also request your service records at any time for a warranty claim.

Invest in the Longevity of Your Vehicle

Not only do you have to worry about voiding your warranty and having to come up with the money for repairs out of pocket, but you are also investing in the longevity of your vehicle. Everytime you trade in your vehicle, you can lose thousands of dollars in depreciation costs. It is more economical to invest in the longevity of your current car.

We make maintenance and repairs affordable because we offer financing. That way you're never in a position to have to trade in your vehicle because you can no longer rely on it.

Maintenance for Leased Vehicles

Leased vehicles still require regular maintenance. We know you're not concerned with the longevity of the vehicle (unless you plan on buying the vehicle after your lease term).

Most lease agreements will include some maintenance services for free because the manufacturer wants to ensure their vehicle is taken care of so it maintains its value after the lease term is over. Either way, if you do not perform the necessary repairs or maintenance on your leased vehicle, you could be owing thousands in repairs before being able to get out of your lease agreement. Invest a little now to avoid paying thousands later.