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Reduce Accidents

Don't wait until it's too late to fix your brakes and rotors!

Your vehicle's stopping power relies on them and they are extremely important to your safety while driving!

If you have diminished brake pads or rotors, you can risk being in a major accident! We truly care about our customer's safety. That is why we always check your brake levels and report them to you, regardless of the reason of your visit! You can always stay on top of your brake levels and be ready for long trips or rainy days!

We Use Only the Most Up-to-Date Equipment

Our modern equipment at our auto repair shop in Tampa helps save our customers time and money, while doing a consistent job, everytime. Most shops still need to completely remove the rotors to resurface them which costs more in labor hours and your precious time.

Wait less and spend less at our auto service center in Tampa!

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Why "Risking It" Can Cost You Your Life

Here is an example: We told one of our customers she needed some major repairs on her brakes. She decided to risk it because she did not have the money, nor did she see the value in financing. She was in the middle of I-75 when her brakes failed on her, causing her to drift sideways against oncoming traffic. She is lucky to be alive, however her car experienced such damage that now she is having to do a "Buy Here Pay Here" Loan for a "newer" car with many miles.

Her decision to "risk it" almost costed her and her kids life-PLUS now she has a used car at an extremely high interest rate that has no warranty on it.

Our services and parts come with a warranty as well, which helps save you so much money!