Our Auto Repair Shop's COVID-19 Policies

Our customers and their safety are ALWAYS our #1 priority.

Your safety is always our #1 priority and we take many measures to ensure that our customers feel safe when they bring in their vehicle for maintenance or repair.

During these tough times, it is just not worth it to neglect your vehicle. If you do not perform regularly scheduled maintenance or fix a repair before it worsens, you could pay an exponential amount of money on a later date. You also risk voiding your warranty by not doing the proper upkeep like oil changes and flushes.

So we are bending over backwards to take away any barriers to you getting the auto care you need, without sacrificing your health or peace of mind.

What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe

  • All our staff members are deicated to your safetty which is why they are always wearing masks, even while working on your vehicle
  •  Anyone who touches your vehicle will be wearing gloves
  • We are constantly sanitizing, and wiping down all areas of our shop.
  • We use floor mat, seat, and steering wheel protectors in every vehicle when it comes in for service
  • We are constantly washing our hands, sneezing/coughing into our elbows, and being concientious
  • Even though it may sometimes slow things down or cost our company money, we never encourage someone who feels ill to “stick it out” or work through the day. Getting our staff or customers sick just isn’t worth it. We have a very understanding sick policy so our staff members never feel discouraged to take time off to prevent the spread of germs.
  • We offer a contact-free valet service to our customers, free of charge. We can pick up your vehicle and drop it off when it is done! Using the safety measures above, you can have peace of mind that you have the lowest risk of exposure when you need to repair or maintain your vehicle.

Our Policies for Our Guests

  • All Guests are required to wear a mask while in our auto repair center

  • All Guests are required to practice 6 feet social distancing

  • All guests should wash their hands prior to helping themselves to espresso, coffee or snacks.

  • Please cover your sneezes and coughs with your elbow.

  • An understanding that these policies are designed for our at-risk customers, so please do not take out any frustrations you have about the policies on our staff. If you have concerns about the policies, please ask for our general manager.

  • If your car is extremely filthy, we will not perform service on it unless you get it detailed or cleaned. We offer these services in house for your convenience.

We Know Times Are Tough

That is why we offer financing for auto repairs if you need it. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3! We simply send you a text from the lender and you fill out the application on your phone. We find out immediately if your approved, and for how much!

This has saved many of our customers tons of money because if you do not invest in your car when it needs it most, it will cost you a lot of money later by either a) voiding the warranty b) letting the problem worsen and cause other issues c) having to trust your car not to fail on you, only to leave you stranded on the side of the road or d) losing your car completely, and having to purchase a newer one.

Take it from us, it is MUCH more affordable to spend a little now on maintenance and repairs than to spend THOUSANDS later due to neglect or letting problems fester.

Why "Risking It" Can Cost You Your Life

Here is an example: We told one of our customers she needed some major repairs on her brakes. She decided to risk it because she did not have the money, nor did she see the value in financing. She was in the middle of I-75 when her brakes failed on her, causing her to drift sideways against oncoming traffic. She is lucky to be alive, however her car experienced such damage that now she is having to do a "Buy Here Pay Here" Loan for a "newer" car with many miles.

Her decision to "risk it" almost costed her and her kids life-PLUS now she has a used car at an extremely high interest rate that has no warranty on it.

Our services and parts come with a warranty as well, which helps save you so much money!