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Express Auto Repair and Maintenance Service

Our Auto Parts and Service Center has many services that can be finished in around an hour! We have dedicated bays just for oil changes, alignments, tires, and flushes. This helps our auto repair shop run more smoothly and efficiently which means shorter waiting times for our customers.

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Diagnostics and Repair

Diagnostics fees are waived when you choose to do service with us! We are extremely thorough and want to preserve the longevity of your vehicle! All our auto parts and services are covered by warranties and guarantees because we truly care about our customers and want them to have peace of mind.

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Inspections for Used or Out-of-State Vehicles

Did you just buy a used car or move to Florida? If so, you will need a state inspection to get your vehicle registered legally. If you bought a new car, do not worry about it! No yearly state inspections or emissions tests are necessary for the state of Florida! Contact us for more information!

Experienced and Award Winning

Our Auto Parts and Service Center has over 29 years of experience and is award winning as a prestige service center by manufacturers.

Customer Centric

At our auto parts and repair shop, customers are our #1 priority. We never recommend unnecessary services and we truly care about our customers. That is why we offer so many FREE services, warranties and even have a fancy espresso machine and free Wifi for our guests while they wait.


Another part of serving our customers is by valuing their most precious asset-their time. We do everything we can to work effiently and lessen your wait time. If you do not have time to wait, we offer a FREE valet service or have rental cars available as well.

Customer testimonial

"Great service department! There is never a doubt the work will be done by a certified mechanic."
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Carla F.
Service Customer

We are certified service providers of most major automobile brands.

All services include

Guarantees and Warranties

We want our customers to return to our Auto Parts and Service center which is why we focus on the longevity of your car, and guarantee our work and parts.

FREE Vacuum and Car Wash

We go above and beyond for our customers which is why we vacuum and wash every customer's vehicle, FREE of charge!

FREE Multi-Point Inspection

Because customers are our #1 priority, we do a full insection to make sure there aren't underlying issues festering, costing you more money in the long-run.

Need Auto Repair, Maintenance or Sanitation?

Get in touch with our Auto Parts and Service Center Now!

Overnight Drop Box

We have an overnight drop box for our customers. Drop it off or get your car towed in, and we will start it once we open the next day! We strive to make the auto repair process as easy and efficient for our customers as possible
Want to do your own repairs or work on a project car? We sell certified auto parts at a reasonable price. Call us for more details and our Auto Parts and Service Center will love to help you! All our parts come with warranties and guarantees!